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          Welcome to Xiangtan Jiaxiang Tea Co.

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                 Xiang Tan Goodvillage Co.,Ltd. was established in 2005 on the basis of Xiang. Tan Tea Factory who was a major tea-exporting enterprise. Xiang Tan Goodvillage integrate tea-planting,production,processing,OEM and sales. The Company inherited and carried forward more than 30 year of the professional professional skills and experience of tea production,and has become one of the main supply manufacturers of Hunan tea-exporting, with an average annual production of 3300 tons of tea, which exports more than 2500 tons of tea.
                 To further explore the market, play to their own advantages of the industrial chain, in March 2015 the company invested to establish XianTan Goodgarden Trade Limited. Currently XiangTan Goodgarden Lmited has successfully exported to the EU tea with Pu Erh tea, Green tea and black tea. The company has established stable and pleasant business relationship with the clients of Africa and South America.
                 The company has professional tea producing and processing workshop, and complete processing machinery and equipment. The main production and management products of Company include famous tea, Pu ERH Tea ,Green Tea, Black Tea, AND Maojian tea. The Company undertake the OEM production, and transaction of customized products.
                 To provide quality and safety of tea is the company's production target. Mutual benefit and Win-win is the company's business philosophy. The Company is working in cooperation with world well-known Inspection Institute , to realize the control of the product safety, enable the products to meet different market access standards, and a guarantee of consumer confidence.
                 The company attaches great importance to the quality and safty of tea, and pays attention to choose a tea zone with good ecological environment and good natural quality of tea to create tea base and tea-plantations. The company use investment and cooperate with tea plantgardens in Hunan Wuling,Yunnan Fengqing, and Lincang area, to established quality supply plantation base.
                 From the source to provide high-quality tea production of raw materials, the Company guarantee  products safty and long-term stability.

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