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          Tea Even Benefits Man’s Best Friend
          Release date:2016-03-17   Clicks:1604
          (Lift of Iran Sanctions May Help Tea Producers
          By: Dan Bolton | February 29, 2016
          Add canine health to the ever-growing list of tea benefits.

          Researchers in China report that the polyphenols in tea have a positive effect on the health of dogs, according to a report in Chemistry World.

          French Bulldog puppy and Cavailer king charles eating from a bowl full of biscuits, isolated on whiteThe study, published in the Journal RSC Advances, looked at the effects of adding components of tea to dry dog food during a 12 week period. Researchers found that dogs in the test ate more of the food that contained tea, and that tests of their blood and feces showed high levels of antioxidants and low Coliform bacteria compared to the control group indicating a reduced number of pathogens in their food.

          Lead researcher Fang Zhong said the study demonstrated “that a concentration of .50% tea polyphenols added to the dry dog food can significantly increase the palatability, antioxidant capacity and antibacterial activity of dry dog food.”

          There was also a 15% reduction in malondialdehyde, a lipid oxidation byproduct.

          “It seems that not only would dogs rather eat tea polyphenol-containing food, but it also has potential health benefits,” concludes the Chemistry World article.

          Several companies market tea for dogs including Woof & Brew.

          Source: RSC Advances, Chemistry World

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